Advancing women's health

Ava has developed a sophisticated sensor bracelet providing data-driven and scientifically proven insights along all stages of women’s reproductive cycle aiming at covering conception, contraception and pregnancy monitoring. Women’s reproductive health is globally under-prioritised, under-funded and under-researched.

There is a lack of viable and effective solution for cycle tracking, conception, pregnancy monitoring, contraception and menopause. Existing solution such as hormonal contraception presents some risks and can have damaging side effects. Ava therefore offers a non-invasive solution that analyses data captured via the bracelet thanks to artificial intelligence and big data. The application proposes appropriate actionable insights for women.

ALPANA Companies - Ava

CEO: Lea von Bidder

Headquarters: Zürich, Switzerland and San Francisco, US

Initial investment date: September 2016

Site: avawomen.com

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