DomoHealth is an innovative, non-invasive and non-intrusive device for monitoring and decision support of senior care. It contributes to the safety, the independence and better life qualify. The ageing of the population poses growing challenges for healthcare business models; actual infrastructure cannot absorb this growth and average life expectancy is increasing as well as healthcare costs. Healthcare system must evolve and rethink the way patients are monitored and cares are provided.

DomoSafety created an integrated professional homecare eco-system connected directly with the family, healthcare professionals and emergency call center that preserve elderly people’s autonomy. Supported by AI, the solution offers real time safety and health monitoring, analysis and detection of unusual behavior or anomalies before they become critical and allows preventive and proactive action, fast diagnostic, optimization of resource allocation and quicker intervention.

CEO: Guillaume Pasquier

Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland

Initial investment date: May 2016

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