Emonitor supports real estate managers, housing cooperatives and cities by digitizing the entire rental and sales’ processes. In the Real Estate sector, the way to manage most processes has not yet fundamentally changed and the use of papers and traditional data archives remains in place for most actors, resulting in a loss of efficiency and too many unused data. Hence, most actors are missing the opportunity to leverage on these data for better decisions taking and enhanced return on their assets.

Emonitor built a GDPR compliant software digitizing, optimizing and automating the entire real estate processes of sales and rentals facilitating Real estate’s asset management for all actors of the entire value chain.

By capturing a wide amount of valuable data, it can also provide real-time analysis on different verticals such as socio-demographic, spatial developments and urbanism.

ALPANA Companies - emonitor

CEO: Daniel Baur

Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland

Initial investment date: April 2019

Site: emonitor.ch

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