iGroove developed a software that revolutionizes the digital distribution and marketing of music and allows musicians to omit all intermediaries. More and more artists are dissatisfied with the low transparency their music labels offer and the high fees that are no longer appropriate in the age of digital music. They are looking for alternative models where they have more freedom and receive a higher share of the revenue generated by their music. However, freedom also comes with hurdles in the financing, publishing and promoting of their work.

iGroove provides musicians with an all-in-one solution for the financing and marketing of their music. It allows them to offer their music without a middleman, giving them maximum transparency on their revenues and retaining up to 400% more. iGroove is retaining 8% of the revenue generated and a one-time fee per release. The portal gives the opportunity to promote music. Indeed iGroove has partnered with the leading online music stores of the market. The company also offers musicians the opportunity to receive advanced payment and provides them with their expertise, promotion services, innovative marketing tools and unique support.

ALPANA Companies - igroove

CEO: Dennis Hausammann

Headquarters: Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Initial investment date: August 2019

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