IPwe aims to help patent owners generate revenues and lower costs of patent ownership. Billions of dollars are invested in patents but the process is still too expensive, time consuming and not transparent. Basic discovery costs amount at $25k, which is very expensive for preliminary analysis. Transactions take significant time to complete because information is obscured and not standardized. There is no unique entity that serves the entire patent system.

IPwe proposes an all in one platform to facilitate analytics, sales, licensing, defense aggregation and finance. It uses AI tools to eliminate the barriers to finding, understanding and valuing IP assets. I also uses Hyperledger development to record and track innovation assets and ownership. Smart contracts automate transactions, manage obligations, payment and track outcomes. IPwe proposes a secure platform that lets competitors work on the same database without exposing confidential data.

ALPANA Companies - IPwe

CEO: Erich Spangenberg

Headquarters: San Francisco, US

Initial investment date: September 2019

Site: ipwe.com

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