Maistro is SaaS procurement platform enabling businesses to optimize their tail spend through automation and digitization. Tail spend is made up of purchase too small or too infrequent to go through an organization’s procurement department, and as such is often unmanaged. Business don’t have time or resources to address the issue, and as a result, millions of potential savings are being left on the table. Tail spend can represent as much as 20% of total corporate spending and up to 80% of total transactions numbers.

Maistro proposes an end-to-end solution for tail spend management. The single unified system is comprehensive allowing businesses to find, negotiate and contract service providers, monitor their progress and process payments. The platform powered by machine learning and a spend analytics dashboard will improve data quality, decision making and process efficiency. Businesses will benefit from time and costs saving, financial and operational risk reduction and supply chain transparency.


CEO: Philip Shuldham

Headquarters: Exeter, United Kingdom

Initial investment date: October 2020

Site: maistro.com

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