Mila is an on-demand tech-service platform connecting consumers with crowd sourced Tech-experts for flexible on-site support. Digital and connected devices are booming and are spreading out in our daily lives. Screens, computers, sensors and objects using IoT are more and present in each household and professional spaces. The world is becoming increasingly dependent from these tools and each brand has its own proprietary ecosystem, which require different set-up, and installation and maintenance knowledge.

Mila developed an on-demand last mile tech-service platform taking the form of a marketplace and connecting customers looking for support for their digital devices and technically savvy individuals or local SMEs. It enables fast and flexible services at affordable prices. Each consumer have access to a pool of expertise in the Mila network and therefore have the most competent support for the required service at their most suitable time.

The platform can also be integrated into service & sales channels of Enterprises, helping them to improve their customer service and satisfaction and being a real driver of business development.


CEO: Christian Viatte

Headquarters: Zürich, Switzerland

Initial investment date: September 2020

Site: mila.com

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