Nezasa is a trip builder software dedicated to travel services. Pre-packaged holidays are mostly customized manually and don’t allow any management of extra-schedules activities.

Travelers want to experience meaningful and personalised trips, and to book them seamlessly and in one place. However, current offers use processes with media breaks and human interfaces. The available content requires a lot of expertise and is generally of insufficient quality.

Nezasa allow instant creation of unique and personalised itineraries that can easily be amended, even after the initial booking. Real-time planning and booking made easy.

The software solution empowers travel brands to sell end-to-end itineraries to travelers in a digital, interactive and hyper-personalised way throughout the complete travel life cycle.

Nezasa’s products don’t require any  IT investment.

CEO: Manuel Hilty

Headquarters: Zürich, Switzerland

Initial investment date: November 2016

Site: nesaza.com

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