In 2020, Procsea pivoted from a seafood marketplace to a logistic ERP with fixed fees (SaaS). In the seafood sector, availability, quality and price of products vary on a daily basis. The market is fragmented between a large number of different stakeholders.  Products are traded in a rather old-fashioned way, still based on paper, fax and phone. It is complicated for wholesalers, retailers and restaurants to regain control of their transactions.

ProcSea provides a multi-tenants ecosystem for wholesalers who wish to gain control of their supply chain. Buyer can keep track of their supply network and attribute pre-orders to the sellers, allowing real time inventory update for both parties. The software eliminates the middle-men and centralizes datas from operation activities, allowing cost reduction and more efficiency in the ordering process.

ALPANA Companies - procsea

CEO: Renaud Enjalbert

Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland and Rennes, France

Initial investment date: November 2016

Site: procsea.com

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