Rally is a crowd-powered travel platform connecting people who are going to the same place and delivering high-end buses to get them there and back. In an environment of increased urbanisation and deeper need of modern mobility, the bus operator industry is suffering from travel inefficiency cost. Each year, USD 5 billion worth of bus seats are left unoccupied. On the other hand, people have difficulties to find affordable and practical ways to travel and particularly to go to big events such as concerts or matches.

Rally built a bus rideshare marketplace-connecting riders to bus operators. The platform activates the excess capacity of local bus operators and enables trips that would not happen otherwise. Riders can select existing trips but can also create their own. Once a trip got enough demand, the ride is confirmed, implying that only economically viable routes are serviced. If not, travelers are notified in advance in order to make alternative arrangements.

Rally is creating value for riders, bus operators and event’s organisers through their platform.

CEO: Numaan Akram

Headquarters: New York, US

Initial investment date: April 2019

Site: rally.co

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