Resistell created the world’s fastest antibiogram to identify susceptible resistant bacterial germs. Inappropriate and too frequent use of antibiotics increases bacteria’s drug resistance. 

At least 700’000 people die every year from drug resistant infections and this number may increase to 10 million a year by 2050. Identifying drug resistant bacteria is time consuming: it takes between 3 days and several weeks, depending on the bacteria, using a century old method of incubation.

Resistell offers an alternative to current antibiotic susceptibility tests. It is a faster solution to detect the bacteria (and save lives) by finding rapidly the proper antibiotic. It takes between 5 minutes and a few hours to identify the bacteria (on average 100x less than traditional culture method).

Resistell’s solution applies across a very wide spectrum of indications, namely all infectious diseases caused by bacteria. The method has already been tested on multiple micro-organisms including 23 different types of bacteria and yeast.

ALPANA Companies - Resistell

CEO: Danuta Cichocka

Headquarters: Muttenz, Switzerland

Initial investment date: December 2019

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