Sinay is the first big data analytics solution for the maritime industries. While many marine and maritime activities heavily rely on data for their planning and operations, this sector suffers from lack of data and data access difficulties. As of today, digital transformation has not yet taken place for many players in the industry and a comprehensive solution for data collection, processing and usage is key. 

Sinay has created a fully integrated end-to-end platform for companies to build, deploy and scale maritime data.

The platform is collecting client’s data and enhancing it with external data thanks to its connection to a wide array of worldwide databases.

Powered with AI, the system is flexible and can provide tailored solutions to all actors of the maritime ecosystem such as fish industries, ports, Oil & Gas industries.

ALPANA Companies - sinay

CEO: Yanis Souami

Headquarters: Caen, France

Initial investment date: June 2019

Site: sinay.fr

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