Stoovo is a smart fully AI-powered financial assistant for gig (on-demand) workers. Over the last 5 years, people are increasingly freelancing: more than one third of American freelanced in 2019. On one side, freelancers need tools to easily find gig jobs and better manage their loans and finances. On the other side, gig employers waste a lot of time to find qualified workers.

Stoovo aggregates gig jobs and sources potential gig workers via its platform to provide a real-time gig mapping to help freelancers and gig employers save time while getting more work opportunities. On top of this mapping, it helps its users to better manage their cash flow by gathering loans to minimize costs and fees.

ALPANA Companies - Stoovo

CEO: Hantz Févry

Headquarters: Mountain View, US

Initial investment date: June 2019

Site: stoovo.com

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