The Glue developed a software to empower financial institutions to accelerate business innovation and digital transformation. Financial institutions are not equipped to make quantum leap into fast digital world. For their daily functioning, banks rely on legacy IT systems that are old, complex and not agile. It is very expensive and time consuming for them to change their core systems.  Banks also need to integrate digital services. Therefore, their digital transformation is essential. Rapid creation of new products and offerings is needed to face regularly updated legal requirements and customers’ requests. 

The Glue is a modern software platform which empowers financial institutions to evolve from rigid, technology-bound organisations, into agile service providers that can fully support the changing needs of an increasingly demanding customer base.

It reduces the cost and complexity of developing and deploying enriched banking services designed specifically for today’s digitally driven world. And finally, The Glue accelerates innovation and facilitates rapid transformation initiatives within the financial services industry.

ALPANA Companies - The Glue

CEO: Paul Grimbers

Headquarters: Diegem, Belgium

Initial investment date: May 2016

Site: theglue.com

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