Tinamu created a drone based automated end-to-end inspection operating system. Across various industries, large infrastructures (dams, pipelines, warehouses, plants…) need to be monitored to ensure safety, operational efficiency and plan maintenance. These tasks are often performed manually. Globally, companies are trying to automate these cumbersome, dangerous and repetitive tasks to protect their employees and remain competitive.

Tinamu is developing a solution using cloud-connected drones as flexible flying sensors in all environments (GPS-free navigation), allowing the automation of inspection workflows and real-time data processing.

Instructions can be sent to the drone from remote location. Any kind of data can be collected (based on drone sensor), processed and analysed by the software and delivered to the end user under any required formats.

The technology offers automated, consistent and reliable data acquisition. The user benefits from a safer, faster and cheaper alternative compared to human inspection.

ALPANA Companies - Tinamu

CEO: Tobias Nägeli

Headquarters: Zürich, Switzerland

Initial investment date: June 2020

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