Zainar technology offers real-time 3D location tracking. Existing tracking technologies all have flaws: 1. GPS gives a weak signal, quickly drains batteries and does not work indoors, and 2. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ultra-wideband have short-range, poor accuracy or are expensive.

Zainar technology is able to track anything that emits in radio frequencies. It allows micro-localization through faster time synchronization between readers. As most systems are able to synchronise clocks to the microsecond, Zainar technology improves this by a factor of 1000, thus gaining in accuracy, with information traveling at light speed. This patented technology is more secure than existing and is hard to spoof and to jam. In addition, control is in the user’s property.

ALPANA Companies - ZaiNar

CEO: Daniel Jacker

Headquarters: San Francisco, US

Initial investment date: March 2019

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