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CHF 2 million seed round led by Alpana Ventures for advanced flying robots

Welcome to our new portfolio company Voliro!

Regular inspection of aging critical infrastructure such as bridges, silos, storage tanks, ship hulls, and pipes is crucial in order to guarantee continuous operation. These inspections are often in difficult to reach areas and expose humans to high levels of risk such as falling from height or entering confined spaces.

This is where Voliro comes in, with its pioneering flying inspection robot.

The closure of the CHF 2 million seed round led by Alpana Ventures saw participation from BackBone Ventures, Zürcher Kantonalbank and a group of very prominent Swiss Angels.

Timo Müller, Product Lead and Co-founder of Voliro AG, said: “The additional investment allows us to speed up the development process and to package the amazing technology into an industrial grade product.”

Voliro has already demonstrated strong traction across various industries, for example the oil and  gas, petrochemicals, maritime, infrastructure and energy sectors. For more information, please visit

Press release: voliro-seed-round