First Clinical Trial on AVA’s bracelet for real-time pre-symptomatic detection of COVID

AVA’s mission is fertility tracking and contraception via patented algorithms embedded in its sensor bracelet.

A new application may potentially emerge with the start of a first clinical trial to further test whether a wearable device can detect a Covid-19 infection in real-time and alert people before they show symptoms…

In a retrospective analysis of data from the COVI-GAPP pilot trial, AVA’s COVID-19 infection detection algorithm was shown to accurately detect 71% of COVID-19 positive infections two days prior to symptom onset.

AVA expects the algorithm to perform similarly in the initial phase of the COVID-RED study, and iterative updates to the algorithm are planned through 2021 to further improve its accuracy.

In addition, AVA is the only wearable currently leveraged in the fight against COVID-19 designed with a deep understanding of the science behind female physiology — a unique advantage, since researchers will be able to take menstrual cycle changes in multiple physiological parameters including skin temperature into account to prevent reporting false positives.

More than 20,000 Participants Will Test AVA-Developed Algorithm in Early Detection!

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The AVA Fertility Tracker is the only FDA-cleared fertility tracking wearable and is also CE-marked according to MDD 93/42/EC for the purpose of measuring and displaying physiological parameters to facilitate conception and to provide general information on health and wellness to users.