Hirslanden clinic Group partners with Domosafety in digital health

In today’s challenging health environment the home care sector is growing fast!

The Hirslanden Group, a leading Swiss healthcare provider has signed a long-term strategic partnership with DomoSafety AG and joined with a capital investment.


Alpana Ventures also participated in the round to further support DomoSafety‘s leading hedge in  the digital health segment. The disruptive solutions of Domosafety offer more safety, quality of life and independence for people wanting to stay in their own environment, enjoying personalised care.

Stephan Studer, Chief Operating Officer West of the Hirslanden Group explains: “By collaborating with DomoSafety, we are strengthening our position as an innovative healthcare provider and further expanding the continuum of care in the home care sector.”

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The mission of Domo is to ensure the safety, efficiency and quality of home care in order to improve the well-being of patients in their living environment.