IBM and IPwe team up to disrupt the patent ecosystem with blockchain and AI

The pace of global innovation is ever increasing, with over one million patents granted worldwide every year. Yet the ability to capture a true measurable competitive advantage from the significant investment in patents remains elusive…

Our portfolio company IPwe is now working with IBM to create a new paradigm for patents. Applying the power of AI and blockchain to IP assets enables a paradigm shift in how IP is understood and managed.

As IPwe CEO Erich Spangenberg  explains in below video and article: “In addition to giving patent owners tools that provide greater visibility, effective management, and ease of conducting transactions with patents, the IPwe Platform reduces costs for innovators, and creates commercial opportunities for those that wish to partner or engage in financial transactions”

The IBM partnership with IPwe will help improve the performance of this critical asset class and unlock the value hidden away in patents and intellectual property on a global scale.

Watch Eric’s video on how the game will change for Intellectual Property…

Read the article about the new ecosystem of patent-based non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.


About Erich Spangenberg, CEO and co-founder of IPwe

Erich is CEO and co-founder of IPwe, recognized as one of the world’s top 50 IP strategists who is changing the way people interact with patents. He is a leader in patent monetization and commercialization, generating over $2 billion in patent financing and acquisition transactions as principal. Erich is a pioneer in applying AI & Blockchain in the patent business, developing patent AI tools and applying blockchain technology to real world applications with the goal of creating a marketplace where information and analytics can be efficiently obtained, and transactions can be completed at the lowest possible cost.