ALPANA Ventures

Launch of integrated Payments and Expense Management Platform

Our portfolio company Zact, a Silicon Valley-based Fintech company, announced the launch of its integrated Payments and Expense Management platform.

Zact is an innovative solution to the vexing problem of managing corporate expenses and payments, that at once aligns the needs of the spending employee and the accounting departments. Based on the principle of “pay by the rules,” policy guardrails are enforced before the spend happens.

The Zact platform traverses the entire stack in expense and payments management, from the network players like Visa and MasterCard through to accounting systems enabling transaction-level expense reporting and continuous reconciliation.
No other solution in the market is as comprehensive.

“We saw a real problem in expense and payment management and wanted to build an end-to-end platform, versus a point-solution that only cured part of the pain,” said serial entrepreneur John Thomas, co-Founder and CEO.

The Zact platform represents not only a technological innovation but also a business design win, with no user-fees. For businesses looking to enhance efficiency while saving much-needed capital, Zact’s business model is an ideal and salutary corrective to the existing, fee-based marketplace.