Lunaphore empowers laboratories to massively accelerate cancer research

Cancer is one of the most burdensome diseases in the world, requiring constant support and innovation from the industry. With LUNAPHORE’s dedicated focus on immuno-oncology research applications, its FFeX technology has great potential for wider application.

An article in “The Pathologist” magazine now details the use of LUNAPHORE’s Fast Fluidic Exchange (FFeX), a microfluidic technology, to expand reach among the researcher’s community. LUNAPHORE’s novel microfluidic chip is based on FFeX technology that, when clamped against a regular glass slide, forms a low-volume chamber for the user to incubate tissue samples and perform in situ staining.

Speed sets FFeX apart from its competitors, with protocols running 10 times faster than standard techniques – reducing reagent diffusion times and increasing reaction speed.

LUNAPHORE aims to democratize its robust automation, equipping laboratories with a tool that allows them to rapidly access clinically relevant data and accelerate cancer research. Spencer Watson, postdoctoral fellow in the Johanna Joyce Laboratory at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research said: “It would normally take us two days to perform a five-color immunofluorescence tissue staining, but with Labsat® it took us only 30 minutes

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