Tinamu expanded seed funding to CHF 2.5 million to accelerate go-to-market

Tinamu revolutionizes industrial monitoring by providing a fully digital and remote in- and outdoor inspection system.

After successfully deploying first systems to customers, Tinamu just expanded their seed funding to CHF 2.5 million.

All existing funds – Alpana Ventures, DAA Capital Partners and Spicehaus Partners – as well as new private investors have contributed to accelerate the go-to-market.

The inspection of large industrial sites is a global challenge. Traditionally, thousands of inspectors travel around the globe to perform the inspections and generate insights for their daily operations. This leads to massive costs, inefficient workflows and unnecessary travelling that creates a huge environmental impact. Tinamu revolutionizes classical manual workflows by providing a fully digital solution to inspect industrial sites remotely – without needing a drone pilot.

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