Voliro partners with Aerodyne Group for critical infrastructure inspection

Aerodyne Group, the world’s No 1 Drone Services Provider and also the world’s leading DT3 (Drone Technology, Data Technology, and Digital Transformation) company announced today a strategic partnership with Voliro AG, a Swiss based startup and spin-off from ETH Zurich that specializes in developing advanced aerial robotics for inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure.

As first movers, Aerodyne will have the best chance of unleashing the technology’s full potential. This breakthrough collaboration will be kick-started by the training of Aerodyne’s senior pilots by Voliro personnel in September at their training facility in Zurich as part of knowledge transfer and operations know-how improvement.

Mina Kamel, CEO and Co-founder of Voliro AG, states: “We are very happy and excited to work with Aerodyne. Together we are revolutionizing work at height and will bring advanced robotic inspection technologies to the market, to enable faster, safer and better critical assets inspections.”

Aerodyne Group COO, Rossi Jaafar, says “We have built a strong business in critical asset inspections and this partnership will give us an edge particularly in the health of our client’s structures like storage tanks, wind turbines, FPSOs/vessels or offshore platforms in the O&G sector. In fact, a recent project for ultrasonic testing thickness measurements of above ground tanks has shown a 20% savings in costs and reduction of time from 20 days to 3.”

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