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Zainar a Tech pioneer in real-time 3D location with meter-level accuracy

Our portfolio company ZAINAR provides high precision location trackingAs CEO Daniel Jacker explains: “ZAINAR leverages patented digital signal processing techniques to locate phones, vehicles, drones, IoT devices, and physical assets in 3D with meter-level accuracy”. In particular, with ZAINAR there is no need to change the processors of phones and 5G cellular base stations.

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What are the benefits of ZAINARr’s solution?

  • Spectrum Efficient: frequency agnostic (can use whatever frequency bands are available)
  • Power Efficient: narrower signal bandwidth greatly reduces power consumption from transmission, reception, and processing
  • Scalable: works in both network-based or device-based positioning
  • Reliable: self-calibrates to provide consistent performance in changing environments of real-world applications

ZAINAR is one of the five winners of the Swisscom Startup Challenge at the end of 2020