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Disrupting Gig economy with Stoovo’s AI-enabled job search

World events often influence inventors and entrepreneurs but rarely is it as personal and close to home as it was for Hantz Févry, CEO and founder of Stoovo, Inc., an integrated AI platform that helps gig workers reduce income volatility, find the best-paying jobs, and manage their finances – but this isn’t Févry’s first company ­– that one was founded over ten years ago in his home country of Haiti following a terrible disaster.

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ALPANA Companies - inpher

Privacy-Preserving Cross-Border Analytics: Inpher in FFIS Report

As part of the technology working group on ‘The Role of Privacy Preserving Data Analytics in the Detection and Prevention of Financial Crime,’ INPHER announces the publication of Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing (FFIS)’s white paper on the innovation of cryptographic privacy-preserving techniques in financial services.

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